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The "In-chat widgets" menu allows you to add buttons to the chat widget that customers can use to access self-help resources such as a knowledge base or YouTube channel. This can help reduce the number of chat requests by providing customers with quick and easy access to information.

The In-Chat Widgets feature in UserStak's live chat widget allows you to add additional buttons under the "New Conversation" button in your widget. This feature allows you to provide more options to your customers, allowing them to access your social media pages, YouTube videos, or documents with just a click of a button.

To add an In-Chat Widget button to your widget, follow the steps below:

Under the channel select "In-Chat Widgets" from the menu.

Click on the "Add Widget" button to add a new widget.

Select the Logo, Enter the URL for the page you want to link to, and a Title and subtitle that describe what the button does.

Click "Add Widget" to add the button to your widget. You should see the changes live in the right side preview.

You can add as many In-Chat Widget buttons as you like, and they will appear in the order that you add them. You can also edit or delete the buttons at any time.

Example: For instance, you can add a button that links to your company's YouTube channel with a heading that says "Tutorials" and a subheading that says "Watch our videos to learn how to use our products."

This can help your customers find useful resources and help them get answers to their questions more easily.