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To customize the widget, select the channel from the dashboard and click on the "Appearance" menu option in the top menu bar.

The Appearance menu allows you to customize the design of the chat widget, including the widget color, text color, button text, and logo. You can also choose the position of the widget on your website or app.

Widget Button Setting: You can select the color of the widget button to match your website's theme.

Top Banner Color: You can customize the color of the top banner of the widget.

Top Logo: You can upload your brand logo that will be displayed in the top banner of the widget.

Main Heading: You can add a welcoming message or provide context about the widget's purpose in this section.

Subheading: You can add additional information about the topics that the customer can discuss with your chat agents.

New Conversation Button: You can customize the color, text, and appearance of the button that initiates a new conversation.

UserStak branding Toggle: You can choose to show or hide the UserStak branding in the widget.